Secret Six: 9 Things You Need To Know

With a TV show on the horizon, who exactly are the Secret Six?

DC Comics

Secret Six is one of those comics series that may not be popular enough with mass audiences that you could just bring it up casually at a cocktail party, but in a room full of comic readers, you can bet that most of them have a favorite character, storyline or moment.

Gail Simone, fresh off her stunning Birds of Prey book, brought several characters out of relative obscurity to create a villainous group that was gripping and engaging to an audience who rarely got to peak behind the curtain of a band of bad guys. They were offbeat, a bit quirky, and not afraid to kill a bunch of people for their goals.

While that doesn’t sound like a great show for little children, the overlords at the CBS Corporation have greenlit a pilot episode with a view to full Secret Six series. Given their relative obscurity, however, it's fair to assume that not many people will actually know who the Secret Six are. With that in mind, here are NINE essential things you need to know about the team, and why CBS are so interested in bringing them to life.


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