Serenity: No Power In The Verse - 5 Things That Must Happen

Serenity is back, and needs to finally give us some answer some burning questions.

Dark Horse Comics

In 2002, Firefly came and went in just a few short months, but the show found a second life when it was released on DVD. The demand for more led to feature film Serenity, which was designed to tie up some loose ends and give the series a needed farewell. But fans still couldn't be satiated with just the series and film.

Even now, the creators and cast are constantly asked when they will strap on their holsters again and return to Serenity. Listening to the demand, that question was answered. As with most Joss Whedon created projects, Serenity continued on in comic book form.

Comics may not be the ideal medium for fans of the TV show, but they are the best possible option. Given that 11 years have passed since Serenity, comics are the only way to keep the crew flying.

The current mini-series, Serenity: No Power in the Verse, is the second post-film comic. Fans of Firefly and Serenity have been clamoring for more original stories, and to have all of the unanswered questions from the original television series finally resolved. Given that it's unclear if and when this sporadically released comic series will continue, there are certain things fans need to have wrapped up.


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