Spider-Man Homecoming: 8 Reasons Why It's Basically Iron Man 4

A Stark reminder of who's the real star of the show.

Marvel Studios

Spider-Man: Homecoming has just arrived in theatres and even J Jonah Jameson would struggle to come up with a negative headline about its early reception.

Tom Holland's solo outing is being hailed as the most essential Spidey film since Spider-Man 2, and while it's easy to see why, the movie doesn't just belong to him.

Homecoming is as much Iron Man 4 as it is the web-slinger's rebirth. Think about it - this is a reboot up to its neck in Stark-infested water.

Although it marks a new beginning for a young Peter Parker, it also represents a fresh chapter for Tony Stark as he steps up to become a mentor and father figure to the protagonist and acts as a catalyst for the story...

8. It's A Continuation Of Tony Stark's Story

Marvel Studios

Marvel's billionaire playboy-in-chief Tony Stark has more than a bit part to play in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As well as a superhero movie, this is also a mentor-student, father-son piece between Tony Stark and Peter Parker where the parental figure is equally important.

The events of the Iron Man trilogy saw Stark initially find redemption within the capitalist world he was born into, before becoming jaded with cimefighting to the point where he'll only don his iconic armour when absolutely necessary.

Ushering in a new generation of Stark Industries-powered hero feels like a natural continuation of Iron Man's story and a way to preserve his legacy when Robert Downey Jr finally decides he wants out of the MCU.

While Peter comes of age before our eyes during the events of Homecoming, Stark's character develops in an equally meaningful way by stepping up as a father figure and reminding us that there's more to him than a fancy suit.


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