Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - 10 Reasons To Be Excited

10. The Animation Style

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales

By far the most striking thing about the Spider-Verse trailer was its impressive animation style, sporting a blend of stop-motion and CGI that made it stand out from the crowd almost immediately.

It just looks gorgeous, and while a film can't be carried by aesthetic alone, it's fair to say that Spider-Verse is most definitely owning its own. Blacks, reds, blues and purples dominate the New York skyline, lending the project a sci-fi feel few too many comic book adaptations seem to boast. It looks great, and while 2017 has very much been a year of blues and purples - represented best by the formidable Blade Runner: 2049 - it looks as though the following year will follow through with that theme, exemplified by the blue and red hue of this latest Spidey offering.

It looks incredible in motion, and uniquely charming when static. With a greater emphasis on momentum and fluidity, there's every chance that Spider-Verse could end up being one of the most absorbing Spidey films yet, with animation presenting boundless possibilities in terms of portraying the web-slinger's forté most authentically.

It certainly makes a change from live-action, and while we all sorely hope Miles gets his MCU debut ASAP, this is pretty cool too.

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