Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - 10 Spider-Men Who Could Appear

10. Spider-Monkey

Marvel Comics

Spider-Monkey was an adorable addition to the Spider-Verse story in the comics, with a brash, egotistical person that went against his comical appearance. Typically he'd be in the background of the various fights and skirmishes, clawing at people's eyes and generally being as ferocious as small monkeys are known to be.

He hails from Earth 8101 of the Marvel Apes universe where everyone is some form of primate (Venom is a huge gorilla and looks amazing there, by the way). The downside to his universe is that the way they dole out justice is permanent, meaning Peter and the Ape-Vengers would beat villains to death who refused to reform, such as their universe's Dr Octopus, named Dr Ooktavius. It's truly bananas...

Unfortunately for our not-so-friendly neighbourhood Spider-Monkey, he is consumed by Jennix, one of the energy vampires known as The Inheritors, the main antagonists in the Spider-Verse storyline.


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