Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Trailer: 6 Ups and 1 Down


6. The Animation

Spider-Verse New York

Blending a pop-up, almost water colour style with the scale of a classic comic book, it's fair to say that Sony's animation department has worked up a treat.

It's one of the most stunning animated things we've seen for years, and in terms of sheer uniqueness alone, one that must be commended immediately for its reinvigorating qualities.

For a character that's been as done to death as the wall-crawler, it's great to see Sony opt for a different way of depicting him this time around. Miles is intrinsic to that of course (some would say he's eclipsed Peter Parker's comics self for a while anyway), but in carving out a unique look that's as dazzling as it is refreshing, Spider-Verse could kickstart a whole wave of animated Marvel movies.

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