Spider-Man PS4 New Trailer: 12 Things Everybody Missed

12. You'll Get To Control Peter As Well As Spidey (Regularly)

Spider-Man PS4 Peter Parker Gameplay

Although Spider-Man will very much be the focus of this new title, gamers will also get the chance to play as Peter when he's not in the suit.

The trailer showed Parker volunteering at F.E.A.S.T., the charity run by the game's villain, Martin Li. While we know that Peter is surprised about the revelation regarding Li's villainous connections, it is interesting to see how big a presence his charity has in the city, right down to the fact that Pete himself is lending his time to aiding it.

This isn't the only time Peter gameplay gets shown off in the trailer, so expect to see further segments where you get to navigate NYC (and potentially Queens) with the former Midtown High student, sans the red and blue get-up.

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