Spider-Man: Homecoming - 13 Things We Already Know

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Who would have thought that one of the biggest hyped movies in 2017 would be a Spider-Man movie? After The Amazing Spider-Man franchise proved anything but, arguably the strongest comic book brand behind Batman was creeping towards the Not Financially Viable side of Tinseltown, despite a massive fanbase and lavish budgets.

Perhaps it was because Sony simply didn't understand how to make proper comic book movies (the same way Warner Bros still struggle) without either a dyed in the wool geek of Sam Raimi's stature, or the calming, consulting presence of an actual comic book company. Whatever the reasoning, Spidey was turning sour until Marvel and Sony managed to get to the table to finally discuss amicable shared custody of Stan Lee's baby boy.

From there, it's been a whirlwind romance, with Tom Holland cast, a supporting role in Captain America: Civil War sorted out, and new details emerging with greater frequency as 2017's summer release hurtles closer.

So what exactly do we already know about the new project?

13. The Costume

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Thanks to Civil War coming before the first Marvel Spidey stand-alone, we actually have a fairly good idea what he's going to look like at the start of Homecoming. That somewhat bucks the usual trend of each new "anthology" movie introducing a slightly different suit for the sake of toy sales, but it wouldn't really make sense for him to needlessly swap out of the augmented suit he gets in Civil War.

There is of course a possibility that the new suit is a stand-in for the Iron Spider that Tony Stark gives Parker in the Civil War arc (more of that link later). If that is the case, Parker could discover that Stark has built in monitoring equipment as he did in the comics, and revet back to a new suit, but it seems like a lot of narrative space wasted when there's already enough story to tell.

So the smart money would be on Spidey looking mostly as he does in Civil War.

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