Spider-Man: Homecoming - 13 Things We Already Know

12. The Vulture May Be The Non-Main Villain...

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Marvel Comics

According to Birth Movies Death, Marvel want to follow the same path that Sam Raimi almost did with Spider-Man 4 to bring one classic villain to screen.

That rumour suggests that The Vulture is being lined up to play a "non-main" villain in Homecoming, perhaps as the opening act bad guy crowning an introductory sequence in the same vein that Marvel tend to use in the rest of the MCU. It would obviously give them further opportunity to show off the web-slinging effects that have apparently gone down so well in Civil War too.

Back when Raimi was in charge of the franchise, he had ear-marked John Malkovich to be his Vulture, and there was some talk of Colm Feore's character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 developing into the same villain at some point. Casting rumours for this new version so far are quieter.

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