Star Wars: 10 Expanded Universe Comics Every Fan Must Read

Star Wars is BACK for 2019. Here are the comics you should read to stay excited.

Marvel Comics

Star Wars Celebration kicked off with a bang last Friday with the release of the teaser trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Brief glimpses of related projects, such as Jedi: Fallen Order, The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars Season 7 all followed, and if only one thing was made clear, it was that Star Wars is back in a big way in 2019.

No matter your poison, there's something out there in the galaxy far, far away for you, and that includes comic books. Since 2015, Marvel have been publishing their own selection of Star Wars books to help carve out a new expanded canon, and most have become quite the hit. They aren't garnering as much attention as they once did, but make no mistake, the House of Ideas' Star Wars books are still some of the best comics on the stands, and given the sheer strength of the competition, that's no easy feat.

How's that so? Well Marvel have been committed to ensuring their best and brightest get to play with Star Wars at one point or another. Kieron Gillen, who's presided over dozens of wonderful comics for a whole range of publishers, was a principle architect of Darth Vader's backstory in the new continuity; Jason Aaron, currently in the midst of concluding a years-long stint on Thor, presided over the main Star Wars title, while the likes of Charles Soule, Jody Houser and Mark Waid have all gotten in on the act too.

There's quality everywhere you look, but here are the books every Star Wars fan has to read.

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