Star Wars: 10 Weird Expanded Universe Things We're Glad Aren't Canon Anymore

Sometimes it's better when history becomes legend.

Marvel Comics

Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars property in 2014 held both great and terrible implications for longtime fans of the franchise: on one hand was the guarantee that Lucas would never again pollute his creation with more abominable prequel movies or unnecessary special editions. Yet, on the other hand, there was an entire generation of ancillary Star Wars content that would have to be dealt with before Disney could move the series forward.

As a result, decades of comic books, novels, and video games- collectively referred to as the Star Wars Extended Universe - was decanonized so new studios wouldn't have to worry about tip-toeing around old, obscure lore. Though this meant that epics like Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy of novels would become little more than aggrandized fan-fiction, it also meant that a ton of awful schlock would be getting the ax.

The EU- now referred to as "Star Wars Legends" by Disney - has a reputation for ridiculous plot threads and totally unnecessary stories. From evil clones, to invading extra-galactic alien races, to the poorly-written deaths of beloved characters, here are a few things from the Expanded Universe that we're glad are no longer considered canon.


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