Star Wars: Rogue Squadron IS Named After Rogue One Team

"Rogue Squadron, form up."

Rogue Squadron Rogue One

Although Rogue Squadron was a big part of the Star Wars EU, with games, novels, and comics based around the group, in the new canon it simply refers to what we've seen on screen and a few brief glimpses in the pages of the comics.

With that, however, comes the opportunity to flesh the team out anew, which is what comic book Star Wars #52 has done. The issue finds Luke and co still trapped on Mako-Ta, where Han Solo is going up against Darth Vader to try and rescue them. And it's thanks to Han that the Rebels find a way of entering the battle, which takes some trust in the Force on Luke's behalf.

Rogue Squadron
Marvel Comics

It's here, then, we see how Luke has taken inspiration from Jyn Erso. The comics previously revealed that like visited Jedha, and it seems something struck a chord with him, as Luke says here: "Well, I guess this is what Jyn Erso felt like. I trust the Force, I save the galaxy."

Wedge responds that it's no time for sentiment, and that the Rebels need a call sign for the battle they're about to enter. Luke, once again echoing Jyn, decides to call the group Rogue Squadron, a name that would then stick by the time The Empire Strikes Back and the Battle of Hoth rolled around.

Star Wars 52 Rogue Squadron
Marvel Comics

Back when Rogue One was released, there was speculation that Luke had named his team after them, and now the new comic confirms it. It's a nice way of linking the two together, and continues the trend of a number of reveals and extra details coming from the comics.

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