Superman: 10 DC Games Rocksteady Should Make Instead

Man of Steel? More like Man of Multiple Failed Games In The Past.

DC Comics

Although Arkham Knight served as a last goodbye of sorts for Rocksteady and the character that made them famous, fans knew that they wouldn't be out of the spotlight for long. If rumours are to be believed (and, well, why not?) the UK-based devs have been hard at work on a Superman title since wrapping up development on Knight, situated in the Arkhamverse they patented with 2009's seminal Arkham Asylum.

It's certainly exciting. Between Warner Bros. Montreal's planned Arkham Insurgency - a supposed spin-off set in the Arkhamverse - Rocksteady's Superman and even Insomniac's Spider-Man, comic book fans have a lot to be excited about.

And though the Man of Steel is certainly worth adapting pixel for pixel, he's had a torrid track record in the medium. The last good Superman game was 2002's Shadow of Apokolips, and though The Dark Knight himself was no stranger to a bad adaptation before Rocksteady came around, mechanically, he's better suited for a game of his own than the Last Son of Krypton.

So, what should Rocksteady make next - if Superman is not the culprit?

DC have a massive library to choose from, and if it can't be Batman, well...

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