Teen Titans #18 Review - Scott Lobdell and Eddy Barrows

Teen Titans 18DC Comics made sure that everyone knows what happens at the end of Batman Inc. #8. Releasing the spoiler weeks in advance to major news outlets, elderly people watching Fox News at 3 AM know what happened in that book. If you were able to read it without being spoiled congratulations, but just in case you hadn't DC made sure to ruin it by putting a spoiler on the cover for every Batman related book this month. Teen Titans 18 is no exception - there it is right on the cover. The first few pages of this book deal with those events seen in Batman Inc., and the effect it has on young Tim Drake. Lobdell tries his hardest to reconcile Tim Drake's place in the New 52 universe, he apparently wasn't Robin but he kind of was. It€™s all very confusing and a bit over complicated. These opening pages are very good, and you€™re able to really connect with what Red Robin is going through, but just as issue 17€™s story fell apart once they stopped focusing on Death of the Family, so too does this issue. Once they get into the actual story-line for the issue and the return of Superboy the book starts to lose some of its luster. Story-lines seem strangely as though they appear for no reason and a lot of things just generally seem a bit out of place. There is a weird cameo by Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad that seems like something important might have happened but we saw the wrong side of the scene. The Trigon story is moved a tiny bit, but there's no new appearance of the New 52 version of Raven. The New 52€™s Young Justice group in previews has been completely destroyed by cancellations, leaving only Teen Titans and Legion of Super Heroes as the only remaining titles. Issues like this aren't helping DC€™s cause. Somewhat terribly, some may buy this book based on the cover, only to discover that only a few pages actually reference it. Surely, that's not right?
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