The Avengers Project Will Be Third-Person, Online Mode Confirmed

But how long do we have to wait for the thing?

Avengers Project Captain America Shield

It was way back in January when we first heard about Square Enix and Marvel's Avenger's Project, but at last, we finally have new details regarding the game, courtesy of IGN.

The project - the first in a long line of titles to be released under the partnership - will be a third-person, cover based actioner, and will also include an online mode, according to an eagle-eyed NeoGAF user, who spotted a number of job-listings for Crystal Dynamics that made explicit reference to the Avengers IP.

The listings, posted recently, are asking for a "Lead Level Designer" and a "Lead Combat Designer", and also discusses something called the "Games as a Service" model, on top of applicants having to deal with online modes on the job. This pretty much confirms that the Avengers Project will have a multiplayer component, but the supposed need to "generate recurring revenue streams" seems to be pointing to something much bigger, perhaps something in the GTA Online mould.

We previously said that Crystal would be the ideal candidates for a Black Widow or Hawkeye game, and the fact that they're aiming for a third-person, cover based IP would certainly play to their strengths as a studio, coming off the back of two fantastic Tomb Raider titles that used those two elements very effectively.

It's certainly exciting, and with Insomniac's Spidey title nearing completion, 2018 could just be the year Marvel knock DC off their proverbial gaming perch.


What do you think of the Avengers Project being third-person? Not fussed about multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below!

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