The Best And Worst Day Of Spider-Man's Life

And how his happiest moment, somehow became his worst.

Spider-Man Mary Jane
Marvel Comics

When it comes to the Marvel Universe, not many characters can claim to have had a more difficult time of things than Peter Parker.

Unfortunately for everyone's favourite Friendly Neighbourhood wall-crawler, part of what makes him such a relatable character lies in the fact he faces a lot of every day issues. Life can be really tough sometimes, and between fending off attacks from the Sinister Six and slander from J. Jonah Jameson, Peter has also had to deal with issues thrown at him from normal everyday life - in all its mundane terror.

It's not all misery though (he's not Daredevil, after all) - part of what makes Pete so compelling is that he has plenty of good times to match the bad, and with the character possessing such a happy, upbeat and witty personality, it's evident that life hasn't been all that bad to the web-slinger, despite its tragic elements.

But what if we told you at the best and worst days in Peter's life revolved around the same event - one that brought so much happiness in one moment, and then so much misery in the next? It only took two decades, but that's just what happened, and it all comes from a little comic published in 1987...

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