The Runaways: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

These kids had one hell of a run.

Marvel Comics

The Runaways are one of Marvel's most beloved teams and their popularity is more than earned. Their origin story reads like an episode of The Twilight Zone and the way these kids interact with each other and the world around them is genuine, thought provoking and reflective of all aspects that come with a coming of age story. Their popularity even earned them their own Hulu series, which premiered in 2017 and looks to be set for a second series.

The appeal of the team comes with their lack of knowledge on how to get by without their parents and how each of them come together as a collective to compensate for their individual shortcomings. Themes of finding ones own family and finding oneself provide the framework for the colourful adventures the Runaways have.

Defying Gods, Avengers, time itself and even vampires, its hard to be a teenager in the Marvel Comics universe.

Each of the Runaways bring unique value, character and perspective to the group. Some are aliens, some are magic users, others are genetically engineered prehistoric creatures and with that being said, let's find out who their MVP is!



Gary has been reading Marvel Comics since he was 6 years old. Rather than retain knowledge on things such as Maths or Science - he chose to become a sponge for most things Marvel. He has a longstanding grudge against Iron Man he has harbored since Civil War(2006).