The Ultimate Marvel Comics Picture Quiz - Can You Name These Heroes?

Are you up to the challenge of naming all of these Marvel Superheroes?


For 80 years, Marvel Comics has provided comic book fans with some of the best superheroes ever created. From amazing Avengers like Iron-Man and Captain America to magnificent mutants like Wolverine and Cyclops, the print publication have some of the most well known characters ever created.

However, with decades worth of stories, featuring thousands of fan favourite characters, it's near impossible to try and remember exactly who is who. Sure, the main hitters are relatively easy, but can you safely say that you can pick out the more obscure Marvel Comics superheroes?

We've gone through a selection of the most popular and the more obscure members of the Marvel family for the Ultimate Marvel Superheroes quiz, and now it's up to you to name them all.

So if you trust that your memory is up to scratch and you can pick out some of the finest characters that Marvel has to offer, then give this quiz a shot as it'll truly test you. You never know, you might find a few characters that have managed to sneak under your radar too. Have you got what it takes?

1. Who Is This?


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