Titans: Casting The Trinity & Bat-Family

5. Alfred - Sean Pertwee


Over the course of Gotham's four seasons, as well as presumably its fifth, Sean Pertwee's depiction of Alfred Pennyworth was nothing short of fantastic.

His version clearly drew a lot of inspiration from Geoff Johns' Earth One incarnation of the character, being much less well-mannered and the person who taught Bruce how to fight. Needless to say it was a breath of fresh air to see a badass Alfred (not that more traditional versions aren't) who ventured out of the mansion on multiple occasions, as opposed to staying there the entire time.

With this brilliant performance, it would simply be a waste to have Pertwee permanently leave the role, and with Gotham's fifth season being its last, he should definitely be the man to portray the character in DC's Robin-centric outing.


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