Venom Movie: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

1. ...Or The Lack Thereof

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In the event that Venom isn't actually an MCU film (and it's a possibility everyone must consider), fans are likely to feel a tad frustrated. After all the 'will it, won't it' gossip and the noncommittal answers from both Marvel and Sony, making Venom a non-MCU feature is likely to feel anticlimactic to those that've been following its production closely.

It wouldn't kill the film dead though, and with Fox having long proven that Marvel's characters don't have to be in the MCU for things to work, having Venom be a self-contained story could work to its advantage. Shared universes can get stale after a while, and while there's no denying that fans are really rather privileged to see all their favourite characters share a screen together, the advent of the 'good' comic book film came long before these massive, inter-movie crossovers were popularised.

And then there's Deadpool and Logan, which both exceeded expectations and, in Logan's case, have actually clawed their way into Oscar contention. This isn't to say that the MCU affords less creative freedom to these kind of films (although there is evidence to support that theory), but equally, none of Disney's Marvel films have ventured out of PG-13 territory, nor do they have to.

Venom will have its own vibe irrespective of its setting, but if it were to take place outside of the MCU, it would only come at Disney's - and not the fans' - expense.

Are you excited for Venom? Still trying to forget about Topher Grace's Venom? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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