Venom Trailer Pays Homage To Beloved Spider-Man Cartoon

Now WE can't get the theme out of our heads.


Yesterday's trailer for Sony's upcoming Venom film gave audiences the best look yet at what Tom Hardy's symbiote will be bringing to the big screen, and on top of all the plot details, secrets and more that've already been uncovered, fans also discovered a really cool Easter Egg in it too.

For many Spidey fans, their first introduction to the Wall-Crawler came during the nineties, where Fox Kids' Spider-Man cartoon aired from 1994 through to 1998. With it being a nineties cartoon - and with Venom being the most nineties of the Web-Slinger's adversaries - no one was shocked when the character ending up influencing the plot in a key way, with Spidey first donning the black suit before disgruntled journalist Eddie Brock crosses its path later on.

That particular incarnation of the character bore all the inflections of Todd McFarlane's menacing symbiote concept, but the show's animators worked in an extra tick to make him look all the more distinguishable. A red and blue hue defined the series' Venom enough to make him stand out against darker backgrounds, and with the charcater's solo film fast approaching, it looks as though it too has opted for the same approach.

Spotted by Twitter user AntiVenomKnight, one shot from the trailer appears to mimic (or at least pay homage to) the seminal animated series design. Certainly, when placed side by side, the similarities are difficult to ignore:

There's no word on whether or not the film will recycle the same slathering noise used in that particular series, but still, this shot further illustrates the diligent approach the feature's taken when it comes to the character's source material. Ruben Fleischer has spoken at length regarding Lethal Protector, the nineties comic from which the Venom film has based its story, and with rumours of Carnage appearing too, it could yet prove to be one of the more faithful comic book adaptations ever released.

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