What Happened To Every MAJOR Character Who Joined The Suicide Squad?

11. Deadshot

Deadshot Batman DC Rebirth
DC Comics

One of the earliest and most famous figures to have served with the Suicide Squad, it's no surprise that Floyd Lawton has been through a lot. He was there in 1987, he was there at various points thereafter, and after joining the Secret Six in Villains United, he made the jump to the Squad all over again when DC rebooted in 2011.

Lawton has been through it all, and he's initially one of only few to willingly join the Squad, as he's desperate to go out in a blaze of glory. That changed somewhat in the New 52 reboot, with Lawton having been recruited to Task Force X after being apprehended by Batman following a botched assassination attempt.

He's slightly more noble this time around, and appears to give his life for the team, only to be resurrected a few issues later. He's still working with the Squad as of 2019, and will likely be a part of the team when it's relaunched by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo this December.

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