What Riverdale's Cast Look Like In The Comics

2. Betty Cooper

Archie Comics/The CW

In The Comics

The polar opposite of Veronica in almost every conceivable way, Betty Cooper is the "girl next door" trope in its purest form. With her family's standard strawberry blond hair, which she frequently wears in a ponytail, Betty is the other one of Archie's key love interests. She is also defined by her caring nature and will often help the homeless, rescue animals, and the like.

In The Show

Veronica wasn't the only one of the iconic B & V duo to be flawlessly cast, as Lili Reinhart was a spot-on pick for Betty. In Riverdale, Betty is, at her core, the Betty Cooper from the comics, complete with her hairstyle and fashion sense. However, she's also a far more complex version of Betty, with her caring nature being put to the test as she goes to Hell and back.

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