What Riverdale's Cast Look Like In The Comics

1. Archie Andrews


In The Comics

Archibald "Archie" Andrews is the titular character of Archie Comics and his bright red hair and freckled face has become one of the most recognizable symbols in all of comics. Naturally, he is the focal point of most of the publication's stories. He's your typical teenagers with a good heart, but often finds himself getting into trouble thanks to his naive personality.

In The Show

Portrayed by K.J. Apa, Archie is still the naive teenager he always was, but the messes he finds himself in now have a more adult edge to them. He still has his trademark red hair, still acts and dresses like a high schooler, and still has trouble with his dad, but he's certainly come a long way from being caught in a lighthearted love triangle with his two friends. Now, he's at the center of street races with drug dealers, murder mysteries, and street fights.

Still, while Riverdale's version of the character may be very different from the original on the surface, at his very core, he is Archie Andrews through and through.

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