Who Is Actually Behind Event Leviathan?

The list of suspects gets longer and longer...

Event Leviathan 2
DC Comics/Alex Maleev

Event Leviathan is the mystery event of the summer, and the comic that's promising to delivery more twists and turns than your average M. Night Shyamalan feature. It's been building from within the pages of Action Comics for a little over a year now, and the payoff is just around the corner.

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev cemented their partnership over a decade a go on Marvel's Daredevil, and the magic hasn't worn off. Maleev looks like he was born to bring the DC universe to life, with each panel of Event Leviathan exuding a potent, noir-esque atmosphere. It compliments Bendis' writing perfectly, while the writer himself is at the top of his game, building the mystery surrounding Leviathan at a slow, and yet somehow exhilarating pace.

If last month's issue was a solid debut, then the second is a perfect follow-up. It's told almost entirely through a conversation between Batman and Red Hood, as Bruce brings both his former ward and the reader up to speed with what's transpired between the events of the first and second issue.

We learn that the Question has been pursuing his own leads, and that took him to the hospital room of Sam Lane, who's been recovering from Leviathan's assault on A.R.G.U.S. There, he comes face to face with a Leviathan operative, but he's unable to identify him before the police burst into Lane's room. The task of recovering the agent - killed by Lane in his scuffle with the Question - falls to Plastic Man. He encounters Leviathan himself where the body is held, and it's here where Bendis and Maleev provide us with our biggest clues yet as to who the real culprit truly is.

Event Leviathan 2
DC Comics/Alex Maleev

Leviathan says that Patrick O'Brian knows who he is. He then goes on to list all of Plastic Man's last teams, including - as CBR note - ones that he hasn't even been a part of in Rebirth continuity.

The issue ends with Lois Lane's coalition of detectives accusing Red Hood of being Leviathan, and chasing him down into the night. It's a great twist, but it's still unlikely Jason is behind it all. Even though he's brandishing a new look and is dealing with the death of one of his closest allies, Leviathan just seems like too big a conspiracy for him to orchestrate.

Whoever is behind the conspiracy is well-connected, resourceful, and has an understanding of DC continuity outside of Rebirth. But who could it be?


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