Why Marvel’s Latest Podcast Is The Beginning Of A New Super-Genre

Wolverine The Long Night
Marvel Comics

The other beauty of this being a Marvel innovation is that it has the potential for streamlining alongside existing content and could be advertised as an additional-but-not-crucial piece of the extended universe puzzle. Where have the Guardians of the Galaxy been between their second feature film and Avengers: Infinity War? Perhaps they hit up an alien outpost saloon en route to Earth and maybe, just maybe, there are hijinks along the way..

But then that may be stepping too far away from this ideal of sticking where the quality is in known tales, tried and tested arcs that were a success on paper and are almost guaranteed to be a hit in podcast-form, too. As long as Marvel maintains its stellar record in character casting and pledges to pump funds into this new media segue, fans will lap content of this kind up.

Between Marvel’s array of Netflix series and the increasingly rapid rate of high-quality film fantasia, we’re approaching a threshold in how much comic beauty our eyes can take, but we never said anything about our ears.

There’s also an appeal to be had in appealing more to an adult audience with podcast content. A distinct lack of visual gore leaves a lot of room for imagination on how to get gruesome audibly, and anyone who’s watched season one of The Punisher can agree that’s no bad thing.

For the time being, we await the spring 2018 release of Wolverine: The Long Night with bated breath, mutton chops at the ready in anticipation of all the *SNIKT* *SNIKT* carnage our ears can handle.

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