X-Men Gets Fresh All Female Cast

1rogue So if you are a comic book fan, or even if you aren't but you enjoy other facets of nerd culture, then you have probably heard about the recent reboot of the adjective-less X-Men by the much loved writer Brian Wood (who wrote on the series most recently before it ended with little word from Wood or Marvel). Well it turns out they are bringing back the much beloved book with a fresh new face, an all female cast. Now in the link above Wood talks with Newsarama about why he thinks this is so important and they in turn give a source link to another interview with Wired, now I sadly have not gotten the honor to talk with Wood so this is more my comic fan take on why this is so important. First off let me start with the obvious question, why is it still called X-Men and not "X-Women," or perhaps "XX" (which was the teaser image for the book). There is a very important reason for that, one that Wood himself points out in his interview with Newsarama: it would basically say that the women of this team have not yet earned the title X-Man (or Men whatever). While some say that the title is sexist and things of that nature, it is true, if they were called anything besides "X-Men" many people would automatically seem them as lesser, than some of their male counterparts. I mean let us take a look at this team...


storm Probably the most well known female X-Men team member after Jean Grey, and Rogue, and probably the strongest female member besides Jean Grey (Rogue with power sapping powers is in a special league since it has been shown she can only absorb so much power before maxing out and harming herself). Storm has been around since 1975's issue Giant X-Men #1, she is (well was sorry, this is post- AvX) the queen of a country, she is the first black female comic book character in a major comic book company to play a major role and to this day is probably the most recognized black character period, she was worshiped as a goddess for most of life, she has lead the X-Men numerous times; and lastly she has one of the powerful skillsets in Marvel comic books total and complete control of the weather, and that is all forms of weather (even on non-Earth planets) and she can do this on a global scale. She has been cited as the strongest willed X-Men team member, and it has been seen that psychics have a time probing her thoughts without her allowing them too or even tracking her mind down (due to a electric force field she has around her at all time and her own mental constitution separate of her powers). I won't even get into the whole magical aspect to her because that should have been enough to convince anyone.
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