X-Men: Apocalypse - 15 Questions Left By The Stupidest X-Movie Ever

15. Why Did Apocalypse’s Pyramid Have An External Self-Destruct?

20th Century Fox

Apocalypse opens in Ancient Egypt, showing the villain transferring his consciousness into a new body (OSCAR ISAAC!). Some iffy CGI crane shots aside, there's a lot to like in this sequence: the old, decrepit En Sabah Nur looks great: I've always liked how Singer handles background mutants, giving them a power-showcase before offing them in a very flippant way: and overall its campy tone fits this pretty ridiculous story.

Unfortunately, it turns into big, silly action beat when a group of mutant haters collapse the temple to try and Apocalypse using some carefully placed rocks.

But hold on - why did Apocalypse build a pyramid that had an external self-destruct that could be operated by just a couple of random soldiers? Pyramids did have locks that worked similar to this, sure, but they only sealed the tombs. And don't for a second say they'd planted the rocks - I can just about buy the first mutant not realising he's about to be betrayed (it actually works as motivation for his later plan with Charles), but that he'd miss his enemies having a way to destroy his monument is ludicrous.


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