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5 Criminally Overlooked Comics Everyone Should Be Reading

It's not all Batman, y'know.
By Fergal Harte
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Predicting Marvel's MCU TV Shows

Who will star in Disney's new streaming service?
By Ewan Paterson

Batman Damned Review: 7 Ups & 2 Downs

By Eammon Jacobs

10 Human Comic Book Anti Heroes You Don't Want To Mess With... Ever!

That's... a lot of guns.
By Ewan Paterson

10 Punisher Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

A whole battle van full of back issues. Franken-castle need not apply.
By Joel Harley
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How Spider-Man PS4 Recreates One Of Marvel's Greatest Experiments

Reimagining a mythos isn't as easy as it looks.
By Ewan Paterson

10 Most Powerful Weapons In Marvel History

The House of Ideas has come up with some innovative weapons used for incredible destruction!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

8 Reasons Why Daredevil Is Marvel's Greatest Superhero

You thought Peter Parker had it tough? Think again.
By Ewan Paterson
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12 Star Wars Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

Make like a Padawan learner and check out these iconic Star Wars comics.
By Glenn Dallas
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10 Comic Book Supervillains Who ACTUALLY Deserve A Solo Movie

Forget about Morbius - these are the villains who deserve the spotlight.
By Fergal Harte
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Marvel Quiz: How Well Do You ACTUALLY Know Spider-Man?

Think you're the ultimate Spidey fan? Prove it.
By Josh Brown

10 Wonder Woman Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

Hera, give me strength to read these amazing Wonder Woman graphic novels!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

The Ultimate Thanos Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Mad Titan?

Put your knowledge to the test.
By Scott Banner

10 Comic Book Villains Who Became Heroes

You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become a hero...or something.
By Zoe Miskelly

5 Times Spider-Man Overcame Great Odds (And 5 Times He Quit)

It's not all about the games, y'know.
By Mark Ginocchio

10 Image Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

What happens when creators have control? Find out in these 10 amazing Image books!
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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8 Upcoming Superhero Games That Could Be The Next Batman: Arkham

All it takes is a dash of passion, a dollop of creativity, and a hefty scoop of Batman.
By Curtis Dillon

Ranking The Green Lanterns Worst To Best

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, which Green Lantern wins the fight?
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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12 Best Justice League Episodes

The best episodes from one of the best animated TV series ever put to screen.
By Motzie Dapul

10 Worst Things Tony Stark Has Ever Done

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and... murdering psychopath?!
By Will Earl
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Daredevil Season 3: 10 Things You Need To Know About Bullseye

Matt Murdock thinks he's been pushed to the limit. But the worst is yet to come.
By Ash Jacob

8 Best Friendships In DC Comics

The OG Super-Friends.
By Fergal Harte

15 Comic Book Characters Who Should've Stayed Dead

Sometimes, death really should be the end. Otherwise, you end up on this list.
By Glenn Dallas
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10 Essential Spider-Man Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

Sinister Six? It's a Terrible 10 of Spidey supervillains yet to be given their dues.
By Joel Harley

The Best DC Comic You've Never Heard Of

And why it's one you can't afford to miss.
By Ewan Paterson
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Every R-Rated DC Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

So dark... You sure you're not from the DC universe?
By Noah Dominguez

10 Best Batman Costumes Of All Time

Where does he get those wonderful threads?
By Joel Harley
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How Darth Vader FIRST Got His Helmet

New Star Wars comic reveals the origins of Anakin Skywalker's mask.
By James Hunt

10 Insane Times Superheroes Teamed Up With Their Worst Enemies

Batman And Joker... partners?!
By Ewan Paterson

10 Controversial Comic Book Retcons Fans Hated

Sometimes comics need to change, but they don't always change for the better.
By Krishna Karia