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Marvel's Daredevil: 10 Iconic Comic Book Moments We Still Need To See

With Daredevil Season 3 hitting Netflix soon, which Marvel Comics moments still need to happen? …
By Louis Nokes
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8 Exciting Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Need To Know About (That Aren’t Marvel Or DC)

Goofy Jim Carrey might finally be returning in a comic book movie...
By Danny Meegan

12 Best Redesigns Of Superhero Costumes

Talk about dressing for success...
By Glenn Dallas

8 Massive Franchises You Didn't Realise Started As Comic Books

Iron Man, X-Men and... The Smurfs?!
By Josh Sandy
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10 Steps To Perfectly Bring Dr. Doom To The MCU

Phase 5 Big Bad?
By Jackson Osterhout
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12 Star Wars Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

Make like a Padawan learner and check out these iconic Star Wars comics.
By Glenn Dallas
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10 Comic Book Supervillains Who ACTUALLY Deserve A Solo Movie

Forget about Morbius - these are the villains who deserve the spotlight.
By Fergal Harte
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Every R-Rated DC Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

So dark... You sure you're not from the DC universe?
By Noah Dominguez

10 Obscure Marvel And DC Villains You Won’t Believe Exist

Mecha-Hitler vs Armless Tiger Man: Go!
By Zoe Miskelly

12 Times Venom INFECTED Superheroes

Spidey's not the only one the Symbiote has terrorised...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Funniest Moments In Marvel Comics

Who got Santa the Infinity Gauntlet for Christmas?
By Zoe Miskelly
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12 Things Marvel Will Want You To Forget About X-Men Movies

"I'm the Juggernaut, b*tch!"
By Scott Banner
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10 Times “Good” Characters Gave Being Evil A Try

Not every good guy stays good all the time. Occasionally, heroes give being evil a try...
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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How Marvel Made Avengers: Infinity War The PERFECT Comic Book Movie

How did Marvel make their masterpiece?
By Ted Silva

10 Comic Characters Who Have Beaten The Batman

Well, he can't win EVERY time.
By Joel Harley

10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Aquaman

Talking trash about the King of Atlantis is the quickest way to sleep with the fishes.
By George Serrano

10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man You Won't Believe Exist

There's more to the Spider-Verse than you think...
By Ewan Paterson
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DC Universe: What Comics To Read Before It Releases

The DC Universe may have impressed so far, but these graphic novels absolutely will.
By Fergal Harte

10 Grossest Comic Book Relationships You Won't Believe Exist

And you thought Love Island got weird.
By Zoe Miskelly

12 Oldest Marvel Characters

"Know where the Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil."
By Ewan Paterson