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10 Terrible Comic Book Covers Marvel Wants You To Forget

Surely that CAN'T be Wolverine?!
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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Young Justice: Outsiders - 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Can The Team's triumphant return make DC Universe an unmissable platform?
By Dalan Overstreet
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10 Best Things The MCU Did Differently To The Comics

How to make Civil War genuinely interesting? Add some depth.
By Ewan Paterson
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Ranking Every Spider-Man Cartoon From Worst To Best

Does whatever a spider can!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Times Superheroes Were Forced To Kill Other Heroes

Making Superman a theoretical child murderer.
By Zoe Miskelly
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8 Comic Book Characters Hollywood Will Never Understand

Can we maybe not glorify Harley and Joker's relationship, Warner Bros?
By Ewan Paterson

12 Greatest Marvel Superheroes Of All Time

Just who from the House of Ideas is the greatest superhero of all time?
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Venom

There's more to Spider-Man's foe than you think...
By Reece Shrewsbury
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Predicting Marvel's MCU TV Shows

Who will star in Disney's new streaming service?
By Ewan Paterson

Batman Damned Review: 7 Ups & 2 Downs

By Eammon Jacobs

10 Most Messed Up Moments In DC Comics

Can someone PLEASE stop Lois Lane?!
By Zoe Miskelly

10 Funniest Moments In DC Comics

The Justice League as the Magic Mike Cast? More likely than you’d think.
By Zoe Miskelly

10 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

There's more to DC than the Justice League...
By Michael Patterson

7 Times Comics Made Terrible Heroes Great

From DC, Marvel and beyond - here are the heroes that make first impressions seem like nothing.
By Ewan Paterson

12 Best Redesigns Of Superhero Costumes

Talk about dressing for success...
By Glenn Dallas
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Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include

Please let him be a motorbike? Just once?
By Zoe Miskelly

10 Marvel Characters Who Became Ghost Rider

The Spirit of Vengeance burns in us all, but perhaps more so in these 10 Marvel Characters!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Most Badass Daredevil Moments

Nothing can stop the Man Without Fear!
By Zoe Miskelly

10 Best Superhero Successors

The most enduring legacies from Marvel and DC.
By Fergal Harte
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8 Exciting Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Need To Know About (That Aren’t Marvel Or DC)

Goofy Jim Carrey might finally be returning in a comic book movie...
By Danny Meegan