Join Obsessed With Film on it's quest to archive ALL the forthcoming billboards/posters from INCEPTION, and win EXCLUSIVE SIGNED POSTERS and other merchandise!

Inception fever is gripping the world! The trailer to Christopher Nolan's original $200 million budgeted Warner Bros. tentpole is regularly shown on British t.v. (and I presume, globally) throughout the day in an unprecedented form of aggressive marketing that is incomparable to anything I've ever previously seen. The movie, which doesn't open till July 16th, graces the front cover of both this month's Empire and Total Film magazines and is the talk of the Internet community. It is undoubtedly THE movie event of the summer, and some pundits have even put their cap on Inception being the savior of 21st century cinema. And, well, it just looks so f***king cool. Now, very soon, maybe in the next few days, maybe in a week - Inception billboard posters will start to be erected all around the world; on road sides, in Leicester Square, in New York City, in Tokyo, on the London underground and on the sides of buses, etc. With a movie with such a huge budget that is not based on a much loved comic book, or previous film... you can be sure that Warner Bros. will have this movie splashed anywhere and everywhere they can. Once the billboards are up, then, and only then, will the Inception dream be real. To celebrate the release, Obsessed With Film are aiming to put together the biggest archive of INCEPTION BILLBOARDS from around the world. Everywhere, and we mean everywhere, Inception posters are erected.... we want you to send them in, so we can post them on our newly created Flickr site. We want it to be the biggest archive of Inception posters, and to ensure this, we have created a special competition. We have teamed up with Warner Bros. to give away EXCLUSIVE SIGNED INCEPTION POSTERS - to the first set of readers who send in PHOTOGRAPHS OF INCEPTION BILLBOARDS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLDTHAT HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY YOURSELVES. We also have runner up poster and merchandise prizes to those send in Inception billboard snaps, but are beaten to the punch. All you need to do is keep an eagle eye out from today on the usual billboards spots and once you see an Inception billboard, take out your digital camera/iPhone and send your photo entry to us by: Tweeting the pic to @owfilm E-mailing the pic to Upload the image and leave a comment below If you are first... you will win an EXCLUSIVE SIGNED POSTER. We will also have a prize or the best billboard (due to location, coolness of the image, etc). The photo needs to be taken by you. Ideally, you will be able to prove it by taking a photo of yourself next to the photo (You could send in two snaps, one of the billboard and one of yourself next to it) and you need to confirm the exact location details, i.e. - road and junction, or street name, etc. We are also accepting entries from the sides of buses and those posters on bus stops, but those will strictly only win the runner-up prize and only whilst supplies last. What we want ideally is the Big road side billboard, like this one, for the big prizes... The deadline for the competition is July 16th, the release date of Inception but we will welcome posters to be sent after that date. Keep checking back on Obsessed With Film as we will chronicle all those sent in.


Matt Holmes is the co-founder of What Culture, formerly known as Obsessed With Film. He has been blogging about pop culture and entertainment since 2006 and has written over 10,000 articles.