Maxwell's London Restaurant - 50% Discount Voucher To WhatCulture Readers!

You readers voted them The Best American Restaurant in London and to repay their thanks Maxwell's are offering half price on their delicious menu to you guys!



WhatCulture€™s first foray into the world of food proved hugely popular and garnered hundreds of votes in our poll to find The Best American Restaurant in London, which saw Maxwell€™s of Covent Garden crowned as champions. We recently returned to Maxwell€™s to present them with their award, which is now proudly on display in their restaurant. And to show their gratitude to all those who voted for them - and even those who didn€™t €“ Maxwell€™s are offering everyone who reads this a splendid offer. To help you beat the pinch at this tight time of year Maxwell€™s are offering 50% off all mains (excluding steak dishes) from their A La Carte Menu to anyone who presents this voucher while ordering. To find out what I thought of Maxwell€™s click here. Next week we€™re off to Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square to take part in their Viper Challenge. A few months I ago I reviewed Red Dog Saloon. It€™s a really cool place with bull skulls adorning the walls and serves traditional South Western cuisine from a smoke pit, including the best onion rings and pork ribs I have had this side of the Atlantic. Now they have invited me back to cover their latest addition: a challenge to test your taste buds to their limits. Titled The Viper Challenge, you must consume 9 chicken wings covered in a sauce made from Naga Viper Chilli Peppers in 10 minutes and then survive for five minutes after consuming the last one without imbibing any fluids or food. Sound simple? Well bear this in mind €“ the Naga chilli is 2,500 times the intensity of a Jalapeno pepper. Succeed and get your name on a wall of fame! Check back in next week to see how I did. Please note if a few weeks go by and no article appears, I may have died, so send all donations to the website. If you have a suggestion of a food challenge you know of that you wish us to undertake in 2012 or a restaurant you want us to review please write on in with suggestions.
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