Star Wars smashed back into the headlines last year after the revelation that Disney had plans to add to the legendary six-film canon with episodes seven to nine, yet we still don’t know the next film, Episode VI’s name. So we at What Culture decided – why don’t you take a guess?

Star Trek franchise director J.J. Abrams is currently prepping to helm the seventh instalment which will be shot at Pinewood Studios and with filming on the new movie closer than you think, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill’s personal trainers have a job on their hands to get them in shape for the planned May 2015 release.

A rumoured casting wishlist was released last week and we can’t help but feel that Abrams, his writers and producers have nailed down a title for at least the next installment. So before the dams break with the announcement, we at What Culture are asking you to take a crack at what you think the title of the seventh instalment will be.

If you do guess correctly, you’ll win two things – firstly, the satisfaction that you’re as good a scriptwriter as George Lucas (not really a prize, but there we are) and more importantly the entire saga on Blu-Ray. So go on, give it a guess. Use the force (sorry).

We’ll print some of the most popular entries in a few days after you’ve had some time to guess!


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This article was first posted on June 26, 2013