Win: Doctor Who Risk & Iconic 7th Doctor Jumper


Just in time for the festive period, and with the Doctor Who Christmas special just announced (and duly spoiled by the Sun newspaper within a matter of hours) we're teaming up with our friends at Forbidden Planet to give one lucky WhatCulture reader the opportunity to win a Doctor Who jumper based on the iconic design worn by the 7th Doctor, as well as a Forbidden Planet exclusive Doctor Who Risk board game.

Based on Sylvester McCoy's iconic Doctor Who outfit and made from 100% wool, the jumper is the perfect way to give (or receive) that ubiquitous Christmas jumper with a Doctor Who feel. Available in sizes S to XXL, so there's no need to knit your own.


Play Risk €“ with a twist! In Doctor Who Risk, you can play as one of five different Dalek armies and invade the earth in search of secret weapons. You must win before the Doctor stops you! This box set contains Mission and Power cards, Territory cards, board, dice, rules booklet, one Clara token and one TARDIS token €“ and 315 Daleks. Which should be enough for anybody.

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