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We have 3 copies to give away.

The Ritual

To celebrate the release of The Ritual, available now on Digital Download and on DVD from 12th February, we have 3 copies on DVD to give away.

After the traumatic death of their close friend Robert, a group of University mates set off on a hiking trip to Sweden to reconnect and pay tribute to their lost friend. After one of the group falls and becomes injured, they decide to take a different route through an ancient, pathless forest to shorten their trip. However, something is lurking in the forest and soon they are being stalked, but by what?

Lost with limited supplies, unsettling events begin to unfold and an impending sense of panic starts to creep in among the group. Someone or something is stalking them through the forest. Hungry, injured and fearing for their lives, will the group survive another night lost in the terrifying forest? Or will whatever is watching them from the darkness of the forest catch up with them...

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The Ritual
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