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101 Films is pleased to announce the UK release of VENGEANCE, available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digitally from 27 th March 2017. To celebrate its release, we have 3 x Blu-ray to give away!

Niagra Falls police detective and Iraq war veteran John Dromoor (Nicolas Cage – The Rock) is flagged down by a 12 year old girl after she witnesses her mother, Teena, being brutally attacked and left for dead by a group of local men. When the men are caught, their parents hire slick criminal defence attorney Jay Kirkpatrick, (Don Johnson – Django Unchained) who puts the focus on Teena’s credibility, sobriety and promiscuity.

Shockingly her assailants are exonerated and released, even though the daughter’s testimony should have been enough for a certain conviction. Following the verdict Dromoor grows increasingly close to the victim and her family, who he then discovers are being taunted and stalked by the freed men. The injustice becomes too much for him to take and fuelled by a sense of vengeance and his own personal demons, Dromoor sets out on a lone campaign to serve the justice the men deserve.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is to email with the answer to the question below as well as submit your name and address details an quoting Vengeance in the subject line. Competition closes on 27th April 2017.

Who starred opposite Nicolas Cage in the 1997 action film Face/Off?

a) Bruce Willis

b) John Travolta

c) Liam Neeson

Vengeance is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digitally 27th MARCH

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