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Christmas Movie Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Elf? User quiz

SANTA... I know him!
By Ross Banner

10 Sequels Teased In Post-Credits Scenes (That Never Actually Happened)

Being left waiting is the worst thing.
By Ben-Roy Turner

13 Worst Movie Performances Of 2018

Oh, Bruce.
By Jack Pooley

Lord Of The Rings Quiz: How Well Do You Know Aragorn? quiz

“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword".
By Kurt Howes

Every 2018 Comic Book Movie Ranked Worst To Best

As well as Avengers: Infinity War, there were TWENTY ONE other comic book movies this year!!!
By Simon Gallagher

Every Transformers Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Bumblebee finally got it right.
By Jack Pooley

Avengers Hulk Theory: Does Bruce Banner Die THREE Times In The MCU?!

The Hulk's more powerful than Death!
By Simon Gallagher
+ TV

Star Wars Light Side Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About The Jedi? User quiz

Can you answer all 10 without consulting your Holocron?
By Angela Tait

10 Best Horror Movies Of 2018

Here's to a year of techno-horror, eldritch monsters, and some real bad drug trips.
By Ashleigh Millman

Avengers: Endgame - 6 Big Ways The Trailer Could Be Lying To You

Hey Justice League, THIS is how you remove facial hair.
By Danny Meegan

10 Movie Sequels That Turn Wimps Into Total Badasses

From zeroes to heroes before your very eyes.
By Danny Meegan

10 Movies That Blatantly Troll The Audience

Didn't like the Special Edition? Wait until you see the Blu-Ray!
By Chris McKittrick

10 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know Were Coming In 2018 1M+ Views

Pierce Brosnan singing in Mamma Mia? Again!? Prepare the earplugs.
By Danny Meegan

20 Comedy Movies You Must See Before You Die 1M+ Views

Our picks for the those essential comedies that make life worth livin'.
By Sam Hill

Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Know Han Solo? quiz

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”
By Kurt Howes

10 Film Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

Not-so-happily ever after.
By Mark Langshaw
+ TV

Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Bounty Hunters? User quiz

Put your answers in the cargo hold.
By Angela Tait

The Great Kaiju Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Movie Monsters? quiz

Do you know your Godzillas from your Gameras? Your King Kongs from King Ghidorahs?
By Dalan Overstreet

Aquaman: 10 Best Moments

He somehow pulled off that ridiculous suit.
By Jack Pooley

Roma Review: 6 Ups & 2 Downs

Will it be Netflix's first Best Picture winner?
By Jack Pooley

Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Know Luke Skywalker? quiz

“It’s not impossible. I used to shoot womprats with my T16 back home."
By Kurt Howes

Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Last Jedi? quiz

It's been one year since Rian Johnson's divisive sequel was released. How much do you recall?
By Dalan Overstreet

Every DCEU Movie Ranked From Worst To Best (So Far)

How does Aquaman stack up?
By Jack Pooley
+ TV

11 Most Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV Right Now (Dec 14th)

Gollum's return, Netflix's Gossip Girl hate and Sonic's swoll.
By Simon Gallagher
+ Comics

8 Star Wars Expanded Universe Changes That Were Completely Justified

You think The Last Jedi treated Luke wrong? You haven't seen anything yet.
By Ewan Paterson
+ Comics

Shang-Chi: 10 Things You Need To Know

All you need to know about Phase 4's newest Avenger...
By Ash Jacob

Aquaman Mid-Credits Scene Explained

Surprise reveal drops hints about possible Aquaman 2 film.
By Adam Clery

12 Most Dark And Twisted Movie Scenes Of 2018

If you go down the woods today, a bear will pretend to be a human.
By Simon Gallagher

Doctor Strange 2 Coming In 2021?

The MCU sequel is finally moving forward.
By James Hunt

Once Upon A Deadpool Review: 4 Ups & 5 Downs

An entertaining, glorified Blu-ray extra.
By Jack Pooley