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20 Best Indie Movies Of 2018

Don't sleep on these low-key cult classics.
By Jack Pooley

The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: How Well Do You Know Pippin? quiz

We have had one yes, but what about a second quiz?
By Kurt Howes

Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Empire Strikes Back? quiz

We're altering the quiz. Pray we don’t alter it any further.
By Kurt Howes
+ TV

8 Developments That Will Change Streaming Forever

Netflix should be anything but chill.
By Oliver Smith

How Much Do You Remember About Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy? User quiz

"My Spider Sense is tingling, if you know what I'm talking about."
By Nick Dauk

How Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Became The Best Superhero Film Since The Dark Knight

Why Morales is Miles better than the rest.
By Alex McMurray

13 Movies That Shocked At The Box Office In 2018

The year of the fish-man.
By Jack Pooley

10 Most Anticipated Original Horror Films 2019

Start your new year off right: nervously sweating.
By Ashleigh Millman

MCU Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Captain America: The Winter Soldier? quiz

"Hey fellas, either one of you know where The Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil."
By Kurt Howes

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer - 10 Major Questions We Have

So, what year is it?
By Jack Pooley

Ghostbusters 3: Jason Reitman's Secret Sequel Already Has Its First Teaser

This teaser makes me feel good.
By James Hunt

Venom 2: 8 Directors Sony Should Hire

Who should be tasked with cleaning up this mess...
By William Jones

12 Best Fan Theories For 2018's Biggest Movies

Doctor Strange knew exactly what he was doing.
By Jack Pooley

15 Kick-Ass Movies Starring WWE Stars Coming In 2019

CM Punk in a Soska Sisters horror about vampire mutants and zombies? SOLD!
By Simon Gallagher

20 Best Horror Movies Since 2000

The best movie monsters, murderers and mayhem of the century.
By Andrew Dilks

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Sound Of Music? quiz

The quiz is alive with the sound of music.
By Kurt Howes

What Does Spider-Man: Far From Home's Trailer Mean For Avengers: Endgame?

What clues does the Spider-Man sequel give us for Avengers 4?
By James Hunt

11 Film Endings That Didn't Solve Anything

"Surely they're not going to end it ther... oh."
By Simon Gallagher

10 Movies That Could Be Major Surprise Hits Of 2019

You may not have heard of them, but they're coming for your hard earned cash!
By Oliver Smith

Ghostbusters 3 Confirmed: Jason Reitman Directing, Original Cast Return?

Could this be Dan Aykroyd's secret 'Bustin' project?!
By Simon Gallagher

Quiz: Do You Remember The Mortal Kombat Movies? User quiz

Can you get a Flawless Victory on this quiz?
By Nick Dauk

Every Billion Dollar Comic Book Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Aquaman out-performs The Dark Knight financially, but what about quality?
By Simon Gallagher

2018 Movies That Broke Into IMDB's Top 250

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse should definitely be higher.
By Simon Gallagher

MCU Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Thor Ragnarok? quiz

YES! We know each other. He's a friend from work!
By Kurt Howes

MCU: What Song Is In The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer?

Marvel Studio's Peter Parker REALLY likes The Ramones...
By Simon Gallagher
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Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Robin Williams? quiz

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it!!!!”
By Kurt Howes

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer - 11 Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed

You're going to want to take another look at that suitcase...
By Ewan Paterson

Reign Of The Supermen Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

A solid conclusion to The Death of Superman.
By Jack Pooley

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Review - 7 Ups & 4 Downs

Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio looks the real deal!
By Simon Gallagher

The Spider-Man: Far From Home Easter Egg You Definitely Missed

References don't get much better than this.
By Ewan Paterson