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20th Century Fox

14 Funniest Moments In Deadpool

"Ever see 127 Hours?"

12 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros

Christina Ricci: 8 Roles That Have Defined Her Career

Former child star and enduring Goth icon turned 36 today!

12 Feb 2016 Ben Bussey

20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

There's been a lot of ups and downs for the Merc with a Mouth.

12 Feb 2016 Shaun Davis


Making A Murderer: 12 Documentaries To Binge-Watch Next

For the arm-chair detective in all of us.

12 Feb 2016 KJ Lewis

20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 - 9 Characters And Storylines You Can Expect From The Sequel

With [REDACTED] already confirmed, what else could be thrown into the pot?

12 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman V Superman Final Trailer Breakdown - 30 Things You Need To See

Things get personal and Wonder Woman talks!

11 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

DreamWorks Pictures/Netflix/Oscars

17 Oscar Winning Films You Can Watch On Netflix

Really no excuses for not seeing these movies.

11 Feb 2016 Taylor Burns

20th Century Fox

X-Men: Every Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

What's best? First Class? Original Cast? Deadpool?!

11 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman V Superman FINALLY Has A Good Trailer

Why didn't they lead with this one?

11 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Anchor Bay Entertainment

10 Films You Probably Shouldn't Watch On A First Date

Warning: Not to be read by the faint of heart. Hearts will bleed.

11 Feb 2016 Ian Watson

Marvel Studios

No Thanos, Infinity Stones In Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2

James Gunn spills secrets as filming gets underway...

10 Feb 2016 Scott Fried

20th Century Fox

8 Reasons Deadpool Lives Up To The Hype (And 6 It Doesn't)

The funniest superhero movie ever?

10 Feb 2016 Jack Pooley


Captain America: Civil War - 10 MCU-Shattering Outcomes That Fans Want To See

Will the Avengers ever be the same again?

10 Feb 2016 Rob Leane

20th Century Fox

Deadpool: 100 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References

Ryan Reynolds said there were over one hundred, and he wasn't lying.

10 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros.

8 Movie Heroes Who Definitely Have Personality Disorders

Delving a little deeper into Willy Wonka's "world of pure imagination"...

10 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard

Universal Pictures

11 People Who Got Paid Insane Money For NOT Making A Movie

Sometimes it pays to stay at home.

10 Feb 2016 Padraig Cotter


Johnny Depp Is The Invisible Man!

Universal's Classic Movie Monster shared universe is starting to come together.

10 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Universal Pictures / Village Roadshow Pictures

Fast 8 Is About To Get Furiosa

Charlize Theron in talks for the villain.

10 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros.

8 Great Characters DC Movies Have Completely Screwed Up

Based on past experience, looking forward to the DC Films Universe might be a mistake.

10 Feb 2016 Josh Wilding

Warner Bros.

The Flash Speeds Forward With New Release Date... Ready Player One Isn't Quite Ready Yet

Spielberg blinked first in his stare-down with Star Wars Episode VIII.

10 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn