10 Actors Who Are Box Office Poison

7. Katherine Heigl

Notable Flops: Killers ($98.1m against $75m), One for the Money (ironically titled, it pulled in just $36.8m against a $40m budget), and The Big Wedding ($35.7m against a $32m budget). This one's actually pretty easy to work out; Heigl has unfortunately not done herself many favours by simply coming across as so unlikable in interviews, criticising Judd Apatow despite him being the prime reason for her fame (by casting her in Knocked Up), and complaining about her work on Grey's Anatomy. Unlike most actors on this list - and it might sound childish to say it - this is one who many might actually take a little pleasure in seeing fail. Upcoming Projects: Animated flick The Nub Job is her best effort at scoring a box office win, yet though its budget is only $45m, this will likely be reflected in a rudimentary animation style, which could turn kids off. A modest hit is possible, but a lack of A-list names (other than Liam Neeson) could severely hold this one back.

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