10 Actors Who Began Their Career In A Soap Opera

Before he was Thor, Chris Hemsworth lived in Summer Bay...

Marvel Studios

While we're very much living in a golden age of television, there is one particular genre that continues to be mocked and ridiculed. Soap operas are often thought to be associated with melodramatic storylines and poor acting and, while this has certainly been the case in the past, it doesn't ring true today.

There's plenty to love about soaps: they're on all year round, they're well-storylined, and, due to the amount of episodes produced, the production teams work harder than pretty much every one else in the industry. But even more than all of that, soaps have been the training ground for some of the world's biggest and best-known names. Pretty cool, huh?

Serial dramas have given us plenty of talent over the years. Just think: if it weren't for Neighbours, the world might not have Kylie Minogue. It's not just musicians tough, as some of Hollywood's finest have found their footing on soap operas.

Soaps are the perfect training ground for young actors, as the hectic production schedules ensure that they're prepared for whatever they may pursue later. If it weren't for soaps offering a platform to these young up-and-comers, we may have been deprived of some of the best actors in the industry.


Stephen Patterson is an experienced writer and reviewer. He's also a TV addict.