10 Actors Who Desperately Need Their Own Netflix Movie

Nic Cage and Netflix? A match made in heaven.

Nicolas Cage Netflix
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It's fair to say that Netflix Original movies are a wildly mixed bag as far as quality is concerned, but they do present a hugely appealing deal to actors: they needn't worry about box office figures, and can rest assured that their new movie is instantly accessible to an audience of around 120 million streamers.

The highest-profile beneficiary of this business model is most certainly Adam Sandler, who recently renewed his four-movie deal with the platform for four more movies. Considering all of his Netflix Originals to date have been the #1 streamed movie in every country on the weekend of their release, the value speaks for itself.

To that end, Netflix Originals truly can be win-win projects for everyone involved for a number of reasons. For instance, just look at how much acclaim 1922 and Gerald's Game have enjoyed despite starring two actors (Thomas Jane and Carla Gugino) who have zero box office clout.

Even Will Smith's been getting in on the action lately with Bright, and later this year the likes of Chris Pine (Outlaw King), Jake Gyllenhaal (Velvet Buzzsaw) and Sandra Bullock (Bird Box) will be joining the fray. Clearly, a movie going straight-to-video is not the kiss-of-death for an actor's career that it once was.

More to the point, these expanding avenues of media production and consumption create some perfect opportunities for down-on-their-luck actors to rejuvenate their careers, free of the concerns of bean-counting executives, where box office means nothing and a potential viewer is never more than a few clicks away.

These 10 actors, each of them having suffered through their share of cinematic trials and tribulations over the years, could benefit hugely from their own Netflix Original projects. Whether they'll dare do it or not remains to be seen, but the audience is most certainly ready and waiting...


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