10 Actors Who Must Regret Turning Down Major Movie Roles

Jim Carrey and a bottle of rum.

Will Smith Neo Matrix

Hollywood is no doubt an incredibly fickle business, where the most benign of factors can determine a movie's success or failure. What doesn't work on the page can miraculously come together with a talented cast and crew, while often an actor's intuition to turn down a role is ultimately well-founded.

Well, not for these 10 actors, who turned down iconic roles that broke the box office, won Oscars, and otherwise launched their eventual stars into the veritable Hollywood A-list.

It's an incredibly difficult call for an actor to make, especially earlier on in their career, to take a risk on a project when their gut (and possibly their agent) tells them it's no good, but the history books are full of risk-taking entertainers who gambled their reputations and boldly won out.

There's no doubt this collection of actors is collectively kicking themselves for missing out on all that franchise money, those little gold statues, and the sheer prestige of appearing in some of the most iconic movies of all time.


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