10 Actors Who Need Saving From Bad Movie Choices

This lot should fire their agents pronto.


Some actors have a habit of making bad films, but it isn't always entirely their fault.

Movie stars whose CV reads like the contents of a future DVD bargain bin aren't necessarily bad at their jobs, they just made a few poor career choices along the way, and should probably sack their agents.

Talented actors occasionally make awful movies, but when a bright star keeps churning them out in spite of their obvious talent, intervention is called for, a guiding hand to scrutinise their film choices and match them to their skill set.

Some stars cannot be taken seriously outside of the action genre, others should stick to comedy and some might as well accept the fact they've been typecast for all eternity. A select few are versatile and adaptable, but it's a special type of talent that can turn themselves to any genre or subject matter.

Finding this balance is the key to success in Hollywood, and this bunch need to do it post-haste because there's only so many red flags your showbiz career can take.

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