10 Actors Who Need To Go Away For A While

10. Melissa McCarthy

Life Of The Party Melissa McCarthy
Warner Bros.

Melissa McCarthy is unquestionably a talented comedic actress, but like many successful comedy performers, she too often dines out on the same, tired shtick, and it's been immensely dull for years now.

Almost every studio comedy she puts out these days - Tammy, The Boss, Ghostbusters, Life of the Party and The Happytime Murders - sees her playing a boorish, overbearing character whose obnoxiousness is supposed to be funny.

Except, audiences got tired of it long ago, and the best thing McCarthy could do for herself and everyone else is just take a break, especially from these sorts of low-effort comedies (often directed by her husband, Ben Falcone).

To be completely fair, McCarthy's new drama movie, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, is earning her the best reviews of her career, but considering she's already hard at work on a new spy comedy directed by her hubby, this is likely to be an outlier rather than an indication of a new career trajectory.


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