10 Actors Who Play The Same Character in Every Movie

I’ve tried a bit of acting, way back when. I actually used to fancy myself as a bit of a…

Stuart W. Bedford


I’ve tried a bit of acting, way back when. I actually used to fancy myself as a bit of a thespian, darling. It was when I realised just how unbelievably difficult it is as a profession that I decided it wasn’t for me. Imagine it; as an actor or actress, your job is to pretend to be someone your not. And not just in terms of name and profession but fundamentally at the core a different person.

So this effectively means that if you’re uncomfortable about sex but win the role of an extremely liberal character you’ll have to get comfortable and fast. You’ll have to dig deep into yourself, discover why you’re not comfortable with sex and address it so that you can emphatically know your character. Anything less will come across as fake. The audience are smart, smarter than even they themselves know they are; we’ve been chronicling and compiling cinematic data for years and even the most uninterested party will be able to make a judgement on a performance based on what they’ve seen in the past.

Yes, acting is a very difficult, very introspective and ultimately a very respectable profession. But do you have to be an actor to be in a Hollywood movie? Well, no. Not exactly. Sometimes, for various reasons, certain people are given an unfair leg-up. Their allowed to lead film after film, despite the fact that they only ever take/write roles aimed specifically at them; roles that allow them to be themselves, or at least close enough to themselves that they don’t actually have to stretch dramatically.

This article looks at those type of performers, of which there are plenty out there. So, get your hack meter at the ready; we’re about to look at ten performers who, in my opinion, play themselves in every movie.