10 Actors Who Played Both Marvel And DC Characters Before Ben Affleck

9. Natalie Portman

Natalie PortmanFor DC: Stockholm syndrome suffering terrorist backer Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta For Marvel: Alien Norse god-alike's arm candy Jane Foster in Thor and Thor: The Dark World How did the change work out? Not exactly lacking in Geek cred, the former Star Wars star and Harvard graduate showed impressive dedication to the role of Evey Hammond in the post-9/11 adaptation of the 1980s anti-Thatcher comic, having her head shaved and sporting an English accent. The Israeli actress said the role attracted her: "because terrorism and violence are such a daily part of my conversations since I was little". Despite criticisms to the contrary, the film manages to present a relatively nuanced view through Evey€™s eyes of its terrorist protagonist. While the vigilante in the Guy Fawkes mask is the title character, it is Portman€™s Evey who is the film€™s real protagonist. Despite Portman€™s occasionally wandering accent, the film and her performance was a modest success. With Thor, and probably its upcoming sequel, she was part of a much more significant blockbuster success story, but at the expense of her character having much to do. With Thor€™s developed relationships all being with male characters, notably brother Loki and father Odin, his romance with earthling Jane Foster felt tacked on and one of the weakest elements of Kenneth Branagh€™s film. Whether sequel The Dark World, which whisks Foster away to Thor€™s home in Asgard, will give Portman a more interesting part remains to be seen.

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