10 Actors Who Should Appear In The New Matrix Movie

Agent Cumberbatch?

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One way or another, a new Matrix movie is getting made. Initially described as a reboot, this claim has since been dismissed by writer Zak Penn, who has confirmed the film is neither a reboot nor a remake of the original 1999 action classic.

Whether the movie ends up being a Morpheus origin story or not as rumours insist, it's being made without either the Wachowskis or the original cast, so will certainly be signalling a bold new direction for the series.

Still, it'll probably end up being totally-not-a-reboot that basically rehashes a lot of the original's iconography, characters and plot as is so popular these days, and to that end fans should expect to see a lot of the first film's archetypal characters brought back to life with fresh new faces.

The new Matrix film will be sure to attract a ton of interest from actors both famous and unknown, but there are 10 performers in particular who would be savvy, compelling picks.

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