10 Actors Who Should Never Be Allowed To Work Again

It’s a fact that there are more bad actors than good ones, and as a result there are considerably more…



It’s a fact that there are more bad actors than good ones, and as a result there are considerably more awful films made than masterpieces. It’s one thing being a bad actor, it’s another being a shame to your profession. There are actors, like the ten on this list, who churn out mind-numbingly awful movies time and time again, and whether through laziness or lack of talent, the end result is the same; you, the audience, are going to come out of the cinema very, very unhappy.

There are only so many times an actor can put in a terrible performance before you just give up on them and discard them to the scrap heap. There is one actor on this list who has made many fine movies but a combination of laziness, age and a poor eye for a decent project has left a dismal looking filmography over the last portion of his career.

Some actors are just bad from the start and show no signs of ever redeeming themselves, but again, the result is the same; you end up wishing you never have to see this actor again and that he is banished from Hollywood forever.



10. Ashton Kutcher

These days, Ashton Kutcher is barely an actor; he’s always on Twitter or off dating some other celebrity. Currently, he is most famous for replacing Charlie Sheen in the disgustingly misogynist Two and a Half Men, where he’s showing millions of people every single week just how little acting talent he has. After initially gaining fame through That 70’s Show and hosting Punk’D, Kutcher transgressed into movies, and some very bad movies at that.

He’s starred in things such as Killers, The Butterfly Effect and Valentine’s Day, which is more than enough evidence to showcase that Kutcher is utterly awful. Kutcher’s popularity will always be mystifying, as he’s not really good looking and his personality can be best described as annoying rather than charismatic. For the good of cinema, Ashton Kutcher should never be allowed near a movie set again.