10 Actors Whose Credibility Has Suffered The Most In 2017 (So Far)

Some bad choices have left these actors looking a tad irrelevant.

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For most actors, a career in Hollywood consists of an endless succession of ups and downs. Good films, bad films, awful films that do well at the box office, wonderful films that hardly make anything at all - you never know what's going to happen next when you're working in such an unpredictable industry, or how quickly your career can take an unexpected nosedive when you end up making the wrong decision.

Suddenly actors who were credible, viable performers just months ago can find themselves staring into the abyss at a moment's notice, wondering where it all went wrong - and how they went from the top to the bottom in such a short space of time.

Hey, it happens. Consider Jude Law in the early 2000s, who went from being one of the world's biggest movie stars to somebody everyone just got sick and tired of. He overexposed himself to such a point that he lost credibility. Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other hand, stays credible because he essentially makes just one motion picture each year, ensuring that his integrity remains firmly in tact.

So whether it's by way of an unusual, bizarre, or tone-deaf performance, or finding yourself in several box office flops in a row, there are plenty of ways an actor can lose their all-important credibility. In Hollywood, it appears as though nobody is safe...


Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since 2008. He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies.