10 Actors With Upcoming Projects That Could Make Or Break Their Careers

You're always no more than one move away from obscurity...

Warner Bros.

We all know about the pressures that titanic studios face to deliver consistently to their audience. You can go from being the talk of the town to tainted goods in 120 minutes and that influences the intense detail that goes into everything from casting to what weekend the movie in question is released to the public.

Studios have gone under after a series of flops have been rejected by the paying publics and critics alike - with films such as New Line's The Golden Compass forcing the company into merging with Warner Bros after a disappointing box office return. The guys above, pulling the strings, aren't the only ones who are putting it all on the line with each impending project. Spare a thought for the actors.

For every Chris Pratt taking his chance, in style, with Guardians of The Galaxy, there's an Elizabeth Berkley risking it all in Showgirls, only to provide a What Not To Do example for the next generation of stars to pop out of a hit teen TV series.

Actors are invited to take these risks as the rewards are worth it. Your name engraved into immortality with that elusive Oscar win or maybe you just manage to keep yourself popular enough to stay employed.


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